Stella & Dot Stylist Sign Up Special


Stella & Dot's 2016 October Collection just launched and NOW is THE PERFECT TIME to give being a Stella & Dot Stylist a whirl! You can earn a fabulous (extra) income for the upcoming holiday season AND get an extra $100 in free product right now with our current Stylist Sign Up Special!

What would YOU do with an extra $500, $1,000 or $5,000 in cash before the end of 2016? Pay off student loan debt or that extra credit card bill? Could you make a contribution to your savings account or a "down payment on a house" fund? Or would it be helping in paying for holiday gifts or your family's holiday vacation? You could also have fun with it - buy yourself the pair of shoes you've been eyeing in the store window, join a gym or redecorate your house or apartment! You could even use this business as an opportunity to create more flexibility in your life - it could help you replace the income from a 9-to-5 or help you make your dreams of becoming an entrepreneur a reality with very little risk!

There are endless possibilities of what Stella & Dot could do for you and your family! Why not give it whirl during our biggest season of the year - the holidays!

You may be asking, "Where does the $750 in free product come from?" Here's an overview: 

Through October 31, all of our Starter Kits come with an extra $100 in product credit... so for $199, you get $450 in product credit to start building your product display! These are items YOU choose, not a kit that is pre-selected for you.

When you sell $1,000 in your first 30 days, you earn $100 in "Quick Start" Bonus Credits... (super easy to do as our average in-home trunk show has $1,000 in sales). Sign up by October 31 and DOUBLING that to $200 in credit! Plus, all Stylists that sell $1,000 anytime during their first 60 days (known as our Jumpstart period) earn an additional $100 or more in product credit!! When you add it all up, it adds up to $300 MORE in product credit, on top of the $450 that comes with your Starter Kit. 

What's a "trunk show" you ask? A pop up shop in someone's living room where we try on jewels and get styled in the latest accessories. It's a 90-minute girl's night (or morning!) that earns our hostesses free product (about $250+ in accessories of their choice) and YOU commission. On your schedule, at your own pace!

Help spread the #sdjoy this holiday season by becoming a Stylist!

Are you getting excited imagining all of the accessories you would add to your collection with all that free product credit? This is an AMAZING time to start your own business (hello, gift shopping!) Get more information at