Elements of Style

The Element Necklace is two necklaces in one – and both are stunning! A bar necklace with lapis and pave enhancements pairs with a triangle necklace with lapis and pave. These necklaces are gorgeous together and can be worn alone or layered with a Bianca Pendant Necklace.

Also new are the Déjà Vu Stone Studs in rectangular lapis or triangular turquoise. Both pairs can be worn front to back with gold backings.

Want to get really creative? Mix and match with our new gold ear jackets – pave on one side of the jacket, solid on the other. Each pair comes with small triangle studs and pave rectangle studs. Wear the studs alone, with the ear jackets solid or pave or mix them up with the Déjà Vu studs in turquoise or lapis. See how many different options YOU can come up with!

Elaine Recommends…

Keep it Simple.  Wear the double strands of the Element necklace over a white tee or with a white button up to fill in an open collar.   

Rev it Up.  Pair one of the Element necklaces with a strand of blue beads from the Utopia necklace for a unique, colorful look that mixes tribal beads with a modern silhouette.  

Full Steam Ahead. Layer both Element necklaces with the gold and lapis showing (turn the necklaces around so the pave is facing towards you) and go for the gold with a solid gold and pave look. Pair the Déjà Vu studs with the Gold Ear Jackets mixed to a style you like – the possibilities are endless!  

Why I Love Being a Stylist...

Summer is officially here, and that means school’s out, vacation season is on, and the sounds of kids playing in the backyard fills the air. I love that I made a significant contribution to my family’s vacation fund this year (we’re taking a trip to Las Vegas) and I also attended every baseball playoff game my son’s team played. That simple fact made me so happy.

This business is especially well suited for moms, but that doesn’t mean it’s only for moms. Are you a college student looking for a summer job? An 8-5er who wants a little more girl time and access to discounted high-end accessories? Or just someone who wants to make an extra $1,000 per month?

Starting a Stella & Dot business has changed lives for the better – I’m living proof of that, and I’ve seen many people move mountains with their business. Click HERE for more information and let’s get started!