Wedding Gifts for all Tastes and Styles

Weddings are a special and magical time — there’s so much love and romance in the air. But there’s also a seemingly endless to-do list leading up to the main event, and many brides become overwhelmed with all the details... including the gifts for the wedding party!.

One thing that shouldn't be overlooked are the wedding gifts, not just for the bride and groom, but for the whole wedding party. Luckily, Stella & Dot has you covered with its engravables collection.

I love the trend away from the ugly bridesmaid dresses that “you’ll totally wear again,” but you know you never will. These classic Stella & Dot jewelry pieces are things you can actually wear again, which is why they make such fantastic gifts. The bridesmaids will love the engraveable bar cuff. Pick gold or silver and engrave the date of the wedding – how classy is that?

The signature engraveable momento locket is the perfect gift for the mother of the bride. Engrave it with her initials and install a photos of the bride inside, both as a baby and as a bride. It can be worn as a charm or as a pendant.

And don’t forget the groomsmen! A gentleman appreciates a fine piece of jewelry, too. The engraveble cufflinks are the perfect statement piece to be worn to the wedding and many times after. Remember that all engraving is complimentary on these items, which really makes these gifts a no-brainer.

Elaine Recommends…

Keep it Simple.  Imagine all the bridesmaids walking down the aisle with the same beautiful engraved necklace. It’s a subtle yet striking way to keep a uniform look and give them a memento of the day they can cherish for years to come.

Rev it Up. Combine the pendants on the chain to make each piece  individualized. Combine the signature engravable ID tag with any number of other charms to represent the recipient. Horseshoes, crosses, keys, elephants—there’s something for everyone.

Full Steam Ahead. The charm bracelet can be mixed and matched to make as big or as small at statement as you like. There are nearly endless charms that can be customizedable to the bridesmaids’ tastes. Get one with a date, one with her initials, or one with her birthstone.

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What you need is flexibility and Stella & Dot offers busy moms an opportunity to earn money on a flexible schedule that doesn't cut into family time. You can keep your otherwise full-time job and work a few hours on the weekends if you want. Or you can make Stella & Dot your full-time gig. It’s totally up to you.

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