Craving Spring Colors? The Trellis Necklace to the Rescue

Spring is finally here! Whether you’re in the parched dessert of the west coast or the snowy tundra landscape of the east coast, chances are you’ve been craving some color. Now is the perfect time to introduce some beautiful spring color into your life. The vibrant Trellis Necklace is the perfect addition to any jewelry collection.

The Trellis Necklace is a unique piece that has elements of aquamarine, citrine, mint, and rose. It’s got opaque and translucent elements and it’s a color magnet, which means it goes with nearly everything! I like to wear it with a more neutral tone so the colors really pop.

The Trellis Necklace is a hard piece to photograph because in person, light hits it from a million places, giving it so much more depth. You’ve got to see it in person to appreciate the full intensity of the color and light. I can’t stop looking at this beautiful piece in different lighting; it seems to take on a unique personality depending on the kind of light it’s in!

This is the perfect necklace for just about any spring occasion. You can wear it to graduation, Mother’s Day brunch, or a Memorial Day picnic. And it makes a great gift for any occasion.

Elaine Recommends…

Keep it Simple.  Let the necklace be the focus and pair it with Cushion Drop earrings in soft mint. The earrings are elegant but not overstated and help the mint elements of the Trellis Necklace pop.

Rev it Up. Pair the Trellis with the Eva Ear Jacket to make a bolder statement. The Eva Ear Jacket is interchangeable for a total of four different looks but I love the peak-a-boo element of the ear jacket.

Full Steam Ahead. I love the Flora Chandeliers as a compliment to the Trellis. You can wear the Flora earrings in three different ways but I love the whole she-bang. The purple and the aqua compliment those tones in the Trellis and together make a wonderful combination.

Why I Love Being a Stylist...

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They offer incentives throughout the year but this one is huge. They want their stylists to enjoy the product and wear it because when people see you wearing it, the jewelry really sells itself. I love it.

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