Sweet Relief - Travel Bags

Unless you live in Hawaii, chances are that winter 2015-2016 messed with your head and permanently lowered your core temperature. Now that we’re enjoying a little extra daylight, get your blood circulating by taking a spring break trip. Whether you’re a student out for a good time or a mom toting your kids to a Florida beach, you’ll want to plan for travel and look cute doing it. 

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I’m all over Stella & Dot’s cool versatility. They’re great at predicting what you’ll want and need to take on vacation.

Stella & Dot's Getway bags are large enough to hold everything you need for a week away, yet they still fit in the overhead compartments on planes and can be carry-ons. (Here's a tip - toss your purse inside it and it will count as one of the 2 carry-ons!). It also zips open at the bottom to expand - I know I always pick up goodies when I am out of town and I'm sure you do the same!

Elaine Recommends…

Keep it Simple.  You’re enjoying your first blissfully warm evening on spring break. The Waverly Petite is perfect for restaurants and bars -- use it almost like a wallet.  Plus it fits a long iPad you can bring with you on the plane!

Rev it Up. I love the versatility of the How Does She Do It bag, which holds a laptop and can also be popped up on the sides to transition from a carryall into a purse. Or if you need something breezy for the beach, grab an Avalon tote, sun block and your water bottle and toss your hotel key into the zip pocket.

Full Steam Ahead. When I travel for longer periods or pack for my kids, I use the Getaway. That’s the multi-patterned bag that zips and expands. Leave room when you pack - you know you’ll buy sparkly trinkets on vacation! Also, pair the Getaway with the Hang On Travel Case, with its neat compartments for toiletries, your statement necklace, perfume…

Why I Love Being a Stylist...

How many times have you thought when packing, “Ugh, I can’t take that laptop bag because that’s all it’s good for?” I really love the level of detail and versatility in Stella & Dot’s jewelry and bags. From the consideration they give to airline regulations to constructing carryalls that accommodate your laptop and so much more, their accessories just work.

Stella & Dot is owned by two working moms. They’re Stanford MBA graduates who are both married with small kids and they get it. They also get the everyday mom who is busy, young and maybe didn’t go to college.

As a part-time business option for working moms, I love the flexibility Stella & Dot offers Stylists; the business works when you do. If you have a family issue and are unable to work one week, no harm, no foul. We have brand ambassadors who sell one necklace a year, full time Stylists and everything in between. It pays for private ballet lessons, medical issues, car payments or purse and shoe money.  As Stylists we always get 25% off everything; what a great incentive to stay fashionable and current!

Become a Stella & Dot Stylist before your next trip, get 50% off and nab that weekender! Click HERE to connect with me and we’ll get you started on a new career.