The New, Expanded Rebel Collection!

Stella & Dot’s Rebel pendant, which has only been available in gold for years, is a classic best seller. The designers have been steadily building a collection around the Rebel – first adding silver then a rose gold version of the pendant. Now they’re launching (drum roll please) the textured, gorgeous Rebel Cluster necklaces and so much more.

Get a look at this beauty… the Rebel Cluster is an exquisite layering piece that functions like two necklaces in one. Yup, you can separate them – the shorter chain features a horizontal sculptural bar in solid silver or gold on one side, or flip it around for a pavé surprise.

The longer necklace has a cluster of soft spear shapes inspired by the original Rebel pendant. But I love what they did – the silver clusters are all silver while the gold shapes are interspersed with crystal quartz spears for a super textured look.

There’s also a new, lightweight hoop earring centered by a long Rebel shape, currently only in gold. A gorgeous Rebel ring in small/medium and medium/large is gold with a pavé band on top. They’ve also come up with a lariat version of the original Rebel to create a bit more delicacy. Too many choices? Never!

Elaine Recommends…

Keep it Simple.  Go back to basics with the original Rebel pendant – but try it in rose gold. This classic best seller feels centering and elongates the frame, so wear it full length to become tall and sleek.

Rev it Up. My favorite pairing is to wear the long silver Rebel lariat with the new layering necklace called the Alexia, which sprinkles your look with triangles. Sweet!

Full Steam Ahead. For instant layering, grab the complete Rebel Cluster necklace in luscious gold with magical crystals, pavé side out! Pair it with simple Cleopatra studs to ground the look, add the Rebel ring plus a mojito to bring it all together.



Why I Love Being a Stylist...

Stylists are weird. We pick our outfits based on what jewelry we want to wear. So if the Helena necklace is my inspiration one day, I’ll grab it and then figure out what to wear.

Since I’m a mom on the go, I store my pieces the way I would wear and layer them. That way I don’t overthink it, I just grab and clasp. If you go to Stella & Dot’s website and look at the storage and display category (under jewelry), you’ll see our frames.

Unless they’re made of stretch material, I store my necklaces and bracelets on two seperate frames – one frame is for silver pieces, one is for gold. My home jewelry collection looks like a trunk show – everything is on display and ready for action. Delicate necklaces do better in trays and I keep statement pieces on neck frames, but the frames you see online are great for keeping most necklaces clean and untangled.

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