Think Inside the Box

Ahh, online shopping; that adorable little black dress, the perfect amethyst lipstick or chunky cable knit scarf is just three mouse clicks away. No one has to know you’re lying on the couch with a cold or that you didn’t feel like waiting for a dressing room at your favorite store. You just look great.

Best of all, when you receive your order, it feels like someone sent you a present. Well, there’s a way to order the clothing, accessories and beauty products you want and also receive a present or two (or three): subscription boxes!

Glossy Box

I receive several subscription boxes that all work a little differently from each other. One is called Glossy Box LINK, which is a beauty, hair and makeup product subscription service for $21 a month.

a recent monthly subscription box. each box varies due to personal preferences.

a recent monthly subscription box. each box varies due to personal preferences.

My most recent box had a full size lipstick worth $20, a mini nail polish worth $5, a full size Tony & Guy leave-in conditioner (full price $16.99), a full size facial mask worth $32 and a great smelling hand scrub that’s $17. That’s $90 dollars of product for $21.  It’s also really fun - you don’t know what you’re going to get. If you’re not thrilled with a color or scent, there are ways to swap, which I’ll explain.

Golden Tote

Another favorite service I love is called Golden Tote LINK: Their focus is mostly apparel. There’s no monthly obligation because you can drop in any time, and they launch a new sale the first Monday of the month. You either choose one item of clothing you like for $49 and the curators surprise you with two to three additional items or select two items for $149 and receive between five and seven mystery items. It’s like getting a care package at summer camp, only way cuter!

An example of a monthly shipment of Golden tote curated clothing totes.

An example of a monthly shipment of Golden tote curated clothing totes.

Golden Tote was started by two designers named Sarah (“the Sarahs”) who also created a line of clothing, Puella, that’s sold exclusively through Anthropologie. At Golden Tote they use in-house designers and curate brands like Le Lis, Jolie, Skies are Blue and Ellison. It takes some experimenting to get to know how a particular brand is sized, so if you receive something not quite right, there’s a trading community Golden Tote set up on Facebook where you can trade items on the honor system. 

Fab Fit Fun

Giuliana Rancic started a cool box, Fab Fit Fun VIP, which includes fitness products. This box is sent out four times a year, costs $49.99 each and the contents are a complete and total surprise! One of the boxes from last year had between $200 and $300 worth of merchandise, including a facial SPF primer, Kai perfume oil, a “shower bomb” (it interacts with the steam to create a eucalyptus spa experience), an exfoliating mitt, stability ball with fitness DVD, dry shampoo, healthy kale chips and fashion-forward headgear. Diversity rules!

Some of these services offer sneak peeks either through Instagram or their newsletters – but I advise you to set up your account ahead of time (like clothing size, color preferences) so you can pounce on a sale and increase the chance you’ll keep what you get. 

A great resource to handle swaps for items from any box that don’t fit, aren’t the right color for you or you know you won’t use is My Subscription Addiction. Here’s my referral code LINK. You can also read reviews there about the different boxes or get coupons for them! 

What new products would you like to try? Do you know of any other fantastic subscription services? Let me know in the comments below!