The Helena: An Enduring Classic

The Helena necklace is awesome and hands down one of my favorite statement pieces! In fact, I should wear it more often. It’s in fabulous neutral shades with pink and beige stones, sparkles, vintage-style matte gold and a luxe mesh chain.


The back-story on this Stella & Dot statement piece is great. The designers found an old brooch that served as the inspiration for the Helena. They pulled it apart to deconstruct it and then recreated it, adding new details and completely modernizing it by adding the mesh cylinder chain. The gold finish is more matte than shiny, giving it a muted, antique sheen. Because the palette is neutral pinks and beiges, it’s fabulous over blue, coral, orange, wine, or other neutrals like cream, white and gray.

I love pairing the Helena with a sparkly peach Somervell necklace – the colors work perfectly together. Check out some of my other recommendations, below.


Elaine Recommends…

Keep it Simple. Wear the Helena necklace alone against your bare skin with a scoop neck top. Wow. It’s a statement piece; let it make a statement.

Rev it Up. I love the Helena with either the peach Somervell necklace (for more sparkle) or an Engravable bar (adds texture but it’s a slightly quieter option).

Full Steam Ahead. To be especially bold, pair the Helena over another statement necklace, like one of our bibs. This works best if you have strong facial features and wear a deep lip color that can withstand all that extra glam, otherwise you’ll disappear!

Why I Love Being a Stylist...

I’m not kidding about the Helena being my favorite piece. I wore it in the very first Stella & Dot photo shoot for my website and I wear it in my current headshot.

I feel very confident wearing this piece, and I never wore statement necklaces before I was a stylist. In fact I never wore jewelry! Now I totally gravitate towards statement pieces because they’re so bold. So many people say, “I don’t know where I’d wear that.” Are you kidding? Wear it with a gray t-shirt or a graphic t and jeans.

I live in jeans, and the Helena goes from soccer fields to my home office – and I’ll wear statement pieces to meetings with clients, customers, styling sessions and networking events. Top that, regular necklaces! 

When looking for inspiration, I always enjoy checking in with how real customers choose to wear Stella & Dot’s jewelry. On the S&D website, click on a product photo and scroll down to see “Style on the Street,” which is a section devoted to customer photographs showcasing how they’ve paired that particular piece with other jewelry and over what clothes.

Use your own discretion when taking inspiration from street photos – every once in a while I’ll see something that’s a bit too much!

What statement are you making with your look?  How about turning that into a side business as a stylist? Click HERE to connect with me and we’ll get you started.