Your Wrist Inspires Me

Have you noticed that bangles tend to be close-fitting around the wrist so it can be a struggle to shimmy them over your hand? Stella & Dot’s Inspiration bangles have an intricate design that took two years to perfect. It was worth the wait! The Inspiration bangles hinge open with a little latch – problem solved!

I love that they come in silver, gold and rose gold. All three are engraved with a word: “blessed” in silver, “love” in gold, and “always” in rose gold. The words encircle the bracelets in French, English, Spanish, Italian and German. I get all my Stella & Dot jewelry earlier than the general public (perks of being a stylist!), so I’ve been wearing all three and I’m already getting compliments. 

Though my skin is fair, all three look fantastic against my skin tone. I think choosing a color is really a matter of personal taste. Rose gold is definitely making a comeback right now.  

Elaine Recommends…

Keep it Simple. The Inspiration bangle is shiny and each word is engraved in not only a different language (French, English, Spanish, Italian and German) but a different font, so the visual interest means they work solo. They’re great conversation starters – be prepared for people to lean in to see what they say!

Rev it Up. You can layer according to a theme or a color story. I’ve worn the gold one (“love”) with an arrow bracelet because it reminds me of cupid’s arrow. I like to pair the silver Inspiration bangle with a Vintage sparkle bracelet. The rose gold pairs nicely with a slightly retro charm bracelet.

Full Steam Ahead. To add some edge to an arm party, the secret is choosing the Renegade cluster bracelets. They’re spiky and textured and provide a great contrast with the Inspiration bangle, which feels calmer. Go for it!

Why I Love Being a Stylist... 

As a stylist, I’m privileged to learn certain tricks of the trade, and that includes jeweler’s secrets!

For instance, since we’re talking bracelets, I have a regular-sized wrist but slightly large hands. I have gotten stuck putting on or taking off a piece of jewelry, but then it’s Windex (or any ammonia-based window cleaner) to the rescue. Of course you can use it to ease rings on and off too – hey, swelling happens! The reason fine jewelers recommend window cleaner and not soap and water is because over time, soap can ruin the finish. 

Spray on some window cleaner and don’t forget to rinse your jewelry immediately after with plain water. Ideally you shouldn’t wear any pieces when you wash your hands. With all jewelry, remember that it should be the last thing you put on then the first thing you take off. 

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