Decowood: Here’s Looking at You, Pavé

Does gorgeous, old Hollywood à la “Casablanca” with Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart appeal to your sense of drama and glamour? You have to check out Stella & Dot’s spectacular new Casablanca pendant necklace, bracelet and chandeliers and the Deco cocktail ring. They’re luxurious looking statement pieces that are also capable of subtle glimmer! The Casablanca pendant necklace is the most expensive item in the Holiday collection and it’s only $98.

These pavé encrusted necklaces and earrings are unbelievably versatile.  Each can switch to three lengths. The necklace itself can be made shorter, but there are also removable clusters of Art Deco inspired gems to bling yourself up or down as needed. The earrings can switch from weekend studs to mid-length cocktail party to high-end art gallery opening in about three seconds. 

Honestly, I think the standout piece this year is the Deco cocktail ring for $39. Gorgeous – I told my husband, “You just upgraded my wedding ring and you didn’t even know it!” It’s cushion cut, generously proportioned – this ring will have people stopping you in the street!

Elaine Recommends…

Keep it Simple. You should see what the Casablanca Chandeliers look like as simple studs after you’ve removed the other two gem droplets. You can wear them to work all year (who says pavé is only holiday appropriate?). 

Rev it Up. Today I’m wearing the bracelet and the ring. My clothes are cream colored – it looks perfect. I suggest adding the stud version of the chandeliers along with a delicate, simple necklace for a polished look that’s not too much. 

Full Steam Ahead. Bridal! That’s the dazzle potential of this set. Keep all three sections of gems, add the full earrings and bracelet – it’s a nostalgic, retro look. My goodness, you can get the whole collection for just over $200 bucks! If you’re not getting married, you now have fabulous holiday party accessories.

Why I Love Being a Stylist... 

When every other business shuts down for the holidays we start ramping up. As the season approaches, my PR business slows down because they’re doing fewer launches, wedding season is usually on hold at the end of the year and schools are on holiday... but Stella & Dot stylists are just getting started.

I find a couple of people to help me – one is a makeup artist whose focus is on weddings. I hire teachers on my team for the same reason; classes might slow down, but the winter holidays are the busiest time for a Stella & Dot stylist: people are thinking about gifts, and that means plenty of income to carry me over to the new year. 

Because I’m considering the holidays earlier, it’s fun to become the go-to gift girl. Likewise, someone can call and say, “I need something for this event; what do you have?” I love that clients can get it in 4 or 5 days even if it’s personalized – the turnaround time is really quick.

Being a stylist never goes out of season! Connect with me to learn how: Click HERE.