Unique Boutique: Simply Engravable

Stella & Dot is all about empowering every woman to style her own life, and that couldn’t be more clear than with their personalized engravable necklaces. Personally, I hate the feeling that I’m walking around with the same “look” as everyone else, and engravables pretty much guarantee that will never happen. 

When it comes to these necklaces, the sky’s the limit. We have dog tags, gold and silver bars, discs, hearts and ID tags and so many options for fonts (even hash tags! #awesome) that you will never be caught with the same “look” as someone else. 

You can really personalize your jewelry by adding wedding dates, birthdates, initials or any other meaningful dates or combinations of letters. I have “XOXO” on one of mine, which is how I sign my letters. I also have my boys’ initials (“J” and “B”), and I have another with my wedding date. 

Stella & Dots engravables are triple dipped 12K gold (the highest quality gold you could have for an engravable piece). Our engraving machine is called Diamond Drag: it actually uses diamonds the cut the letters, which makes them very smooth and precise. 

Can you believe that the engravables are $69 or $59 (with the necklace attached) or less!?
What a steal! 

Elaine Recommends... 

You can layer engravables with most any other necklace Stella & Dot sells. Here are some of my favorite ideas for keeping your look fresh and authentic to you. 

Keep it Simple. Layer a couple of meaningful engravables together for a really clean, simple look. I gave one of my friends an engravable with her wedding date, and she wears it together with her kids’ initials. It’s such a crisp but stylish look. 

Rev it Up. A really great way to add some color or dimension to the engravabales is to pair them with our charms. There are so many great charms from which to choose: birthstones, silver and gold crosses, and pearls, to name a few. 

My long personalized necklace has my wedding date, my boys’ initials, the “Grow” charm, and the September birthstone, because that’s when I married my husband. 

Full Steam Ahead. Pair your engravables with the Pop Geo Pendant or the Sutton to make a statement with something 100% unique. 

Why I Love Being a Stylist... 

I just have to be honest for a second: I don’t do this for the money (although the money’s great!). I’m a Stella & Dot stylist because it gives me a sense of community with other women. We’re all entrepreneurs, and we’re all in the game of empowering our female friends. 

This business is great because it works when I do. If I want to take some time off when my kids are out of school, I can do that. If I want to work harder and have more trunk shows to earn more money, I can do that, as well. There’s a wonderful sense of freedom around choosing my own hours... does that sound like something you want, too?

If you’re ready to talk about launching the career of your dreams, I’m so with you! Shoot me a note HERE and let’s talk.