Gifts Under $50: Gorgeous and Practical!

When you see the recently launched Stella & Dot holiday line and how jam-packed it is with gifts that are under $50, I just know you’ll grab a couple of items for yourself while you stock up for everyone else!

The Wishing Bracelets are super cute (I have all three). At $19 each - yup, nineteen - they are not only adorable but awesome gifts to keep on hand for anyone who unexpectedly pops by during the holidays to surprise you with that tin of sugar cookies.

You can quickly say, “Oh gosh, and I have this for you!” Run into the next room, return and ta-da! The present exchange is complete and you added to the good vibes. 

The Wishing Bracelet is lightweight and vibrant, so it’s also perfect for tweens. Have some ready as gifts for your nanny, tutor, housekeeper, fitness instructor – it’s not overly personal but still a great piece that shows your appreciation.  

Elaine Recommends…

Keep it Simple. If you wear it alone, the Wishing Bracelet will pop against your skin because it’s constructed with metal (silver horseshoe, gold elephant or arrow) and an elegantly knotted cord in a contrasting hot citrus, hot pink or cool silver color.

Rev it Up. Try some Janice stud earrings in orange or green ($24) or the pyramid-shaped Cleopatra studs (also $24), and you can also add the Strength and Inspire bracelets to ground the lighter weight of the Wishing Bracelets. 

Full Steam Ahead. For different textures, I would choose an Inspiration bangle, a delicate-looking Wishing Bracelet and pair those with a bracelet you can inscribe, plus a Strength bracelet. I love adding bigger bangles to add a touch of whimsy! 

Why I Love Being a Stylist... 

Take a quick glance through the Holiday catalog and you’ll see elephants popping up in designs on everything from bracelets and charms to clutches.  I really love the backstory here. 

Our chief creative officer, Blythe Harris, loves elephants; probably because they are so human-like and loving in their behavior. They are one of the few animals with a mother who walks among the herd. They’re a symbol of strength and loyalty and stay together in their family unit. They even have funerals when one of them passes. What a powerful symbol for females supporting each other!

There’s a new 3-D elephant charm that looks like an old Monopoly piece but with CZ eyes. It’s really gorgeous. The Capri Pouch is cute plus our best-selling Getaway weekender bag is orange with pink elephants on it. This collection has Blythe’s fingerprints all over it!  

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