Chic Boutique: The New Name of Versatility is Pavé Chevron

Would you believe me if I told you that you could wear one necklace in 26 different ways? Well, believe it!

The Pavé Chevron is essentially three necklaces that are hooked together, so you get to choose if you wear one, two or three at a time. Not only that, but they’re reversible! The front of the necklaces have hand-set crystals and the backs are solid rose gold. There are million ways (well, actually 26) to mix and match this necklace.

All the stones were hand-placed with a micro-pavé. The stones are tiny, and there are many of them (that creates the shimmer) – it’s quite a specialty! In fact, Stella & Dot even hired a micro-pavé designer from DeBeers specially to work on this piece.

Now do you believe me?

The Pavé Chevron is in a category of its own: not quite big enough to be classified as a statement piece like the Pop Geo Pendant [Link: Pop Geo Pendant post], but not exactly a small delicate, either. Stella & Dot call it a delicate statement, and I like to think of it as a “baby statement.”

Elaine Recommends... 

This necklace just came in and I am so excited. Experiment with these ideas to find the look that’s right for you today.

Keep it Simple. The Pavé Chevron is a stunning piece that can stand all on its own. To keep things really simple, wear just two of the strands. Turn the long strand sparkly side up, and turn the short one solid gold side up for a classic yet edgy eye-catching look. 

Rev it Up. Add a trio of bracelets to all three strands to bring on a little more “zing!” I love the Pavé Chevron Cuff paired with the Gilded Arrow Bangle and the Eden Bangle for a really beautiful combination. Want a little more? The Pavé Chevron Ring is stunning, and perfectly matches the Eden Studs. 

Full Steam Ahead. Get a little more creative with your look by adding the Aria Pendant to your layers. The Aria is semi-precious quartz with hand-made chains; but if you want to catch this combination you better act fast! The Aria literally sold out within 3 days when it was launched in July. Crazy, right? 

Why I Love Being a Stylist... 

It’s funny to me now, but the truth is that I never was a jewelry person. I really wasn’t! I loved fashion, but I was in Mom Mode - literally wearing jeans and Target t-shirts every day.

When I finally escaped for a girls’ weekend with friends who had older kids, it suddenly hit me that I only had one necklace and one pair of stud earrings that were silver. I had nothing else.

Over the course of the weekend, I watched my friends put on jewelry that made their outfits. I saw what a difference it made in feeling like they were “put together,” and when I came back home I hosted a Stella & Dot party. I haven’t looked back since. 

Ready to shift out of Mom Mode (I’ve so been there!) and in to the confidence that comes when you style yourself brilliantly? Let’s talk. Connect with me HERE and let’s talk.