Art Pop Statements: You Got Sutton Original to Say?

The Zoe Lariart Necklace was the Stella & Dot bestseller since 2006 until something amazing happened last fall: the Original Sutton Silver 5-Way appeared on the scene and stole the show. 

It’s pretty obvious to me why the Original Sutton Silver is a best seller. This necklace has chops! You can wear it in so many different ways, that it’s almost as if you’ve purchased five different necklaces for the price of one. The necklace is made up of mixed metals and every chain is different (as they are in every Sutton). 

You can wear the necklace alone or with layers (a lot of people layer the Sutton with our Somervell Necklaces), and it’s versatile enough to hold its own in any situation. 

Elaine Recommends... 

What I love about this piece is the fact that it is so different on everybody. Personally, I wear it short with all the sparkles and layer it with an Engravable (a round gold disc or a gold bar). 

Try out some of these looks to find which one you like best: 

Keep it Simple. Leave the bling off and wear the necklace short to have a cool, sleek look. This also looks great with the Hematite Stud earrings that add just enough sparkle to dress up a t-shirt and jeans. 

Rev it Up. In the mood for long and dazzling? Wear the Sutton with the sparkle in the front and combine it with Stackable Band Rings to put some sass into your digits. 

Full Steam Ahead. If you wear all the strands together, the Original Sutton becomes a bold, sparkly statement necklace that will compliment any special occasion (or just happy hour drinks with the girls!). For the full effect, add the Arrison Stretch Bracelet and the Luna Wrap Bracelet and you’ll be ready for action. 

Why I Love Being a Stylist... 

When I first became a stylist, I quickly learned that the jewelry sells itself. I started wearing the pieces I loved (including the Sutton Original Silver) and all my friends, and even strangers at the supermarket, commented on it. 

I’m really proud to be a Stella & Dot stylist. There’s no middleman, so we don’t have to charge exorbitant prices for fine jewelry to appear in retail stores. 

I just had a customer who was nominated for an Emmy. She sent me photos of her dress so I could style her. I didn’t even see her in person, but we have such a great working relationship that I was able to ship her the jewelry for the event and she ended up buying it. Am I lucky or what? 

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